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As no other, colour reflects the spirit of the times. Just think back to the seventies and eighties of the previous century. Even though not everyone is consciously looking for the fashion colours, they are still very much present. What’s more, without the right colours, we have the feeling there is something wrong. More than enough reason to drop by at the stand of one of the leading exhibitors at Intirio, Alinee.

They distribute brands such as Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Dedar, John Derian and since recently also Zoffany. We spoke to Johan Vander Vekens.

The 2019 trend colours one sees in every collection

Johan Vander Vekens: ‘To present the trend colours, I would like to begin with the remarkable new collection by Christian Lacroix. This is a totally different Lacroix from the one we saw before. His colours are more subdued, less freaky, but still very much recognizable as Lacroix.’ Johan continues by showing an idyllic collection of wall panels that are called Paradis Barbare. There are funny figures in a unique setting with a discrete colour design in which pink and green determine the atmosphere. The same hues are taken up by John Derian and Designers Guild. ‘Consequently, you can make beautiful combinations’, he continues, ‘across the brands. Some of the designs make you think of Venice or Fortuni.’

Alinee’s palettes show a number of interesting evolutions. Johan: ‘The skin colours, the so-called ‘nudes’, are still present, but only to give emphasis. Celadon mint green and Madame de Pompadour pink are the new trend. Green is the common bond. You see it in several hues, sometimes tending to blue-green and sometimes jade. On the image above, you see a Ralf Lauren design with shades of those new greens. There is also a hint of copper and purple and the total image rests on a straw yellow background. Should you want to name the new colours, I would talk about jade and straw colours. Straw is really new. Pastel goes further and the same can be said for blue, but by adding straw colour and new green the image becomes more distinctive. More modern.’

Johan Vander Vekens continues: ‘Our pillows summarize the colour trend. You see a nice evolution, where colours from the previous seasons slowly move to the background and where new colours appear. Thus, a contemporary and innovative image comes about. We didn’t look for it, but still all of these colours and combinations are present in all the Alinee collections, ranging from Lacroix, Designers Guild to Ralph Lauren. And even John Derian and Zoffany. One cannot think of more diverse styles than these. To me, this proves that these colours reflect the current spirit of the times.’

Outside as well as inside

At Intirio, Alinee also presented an outdoor collection. Here again, we see similar palettes. Outdoor and indoor are melting together, in a manner of speaking. Johan: ‘More and more often, you see how outdoor rugs conquer a space indoors. This can be especially interesting for those who have pets. You simply go over them with a high-pressure cleaner and everything is perfectly clean once more.’

On the picture, you see the splendid outdoor collection, with its wonderful, subdued colours in a somewhat bohemian setting. Johan: ‘Here as well, the right accent is present. A soft, celadon blue with a transparent touch and accents of nudes. The colours make the difference, in whatever combination they are used. It is simply beautiful. It is all so simple, so basic and still so unique. I see an enormous amount of possibilities!’

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