Intirio Awards 2019

Intirio nominates the most exciting and innovative products that are present on exhibition floor. For this edition as well, the awards provide added value for the world of the interior. During the first day of the fair, the jury selected the nominees and the winners.


Masureel International AWARD WINNER

Wallpaper specialist Masureel shows a top presentation that lures the visitor inside. Its eyecatcher is a beautiful, Afro inspired collection. It is a total image that forms a clear whole. It is moreover elegantly finished.

Intede (Romo Group)

The Rubelli fabrics collection stands harmoniously next to the collections by Jacaranda and Van Besouw. Intede has created a real experience at Intirio, in which the stand and the presentation seamlessly connect the various collections.


Diverse and yet unequivocal. The presentation is construed as an inspiring setting through the entire interior. Including the bathroom and the stairway. A total concept that conquers hearts.



Innovations galore at the stand of Elitis. Essences de bois is a collection of wall coverings that evokes the atmosphere of wood. In particular the marquetry or the inlay work is special. By means of a razor-thin layer, they create the effect of an entire wall. Alcôve as well is full of innovations. This velour is woven and is still used without any backing as wall covering. An innovation that creates new possibilities in the textile wall coverings.

Puylaert Designs of the Time

Noble Savage 2 is not only a splendid collection, inspired by the storytelling culture of the Aboriginals, but is moreover a collection that uses special materials in an innovative way. Take, for instance, chalk. The Aboriginals use it to whiten masks, but here it is used to give linen upholstery fabrics a unique aftertreatment.

Moduleo – LayRed

LayRed® is a vinyl click floor designed to both bridge the differences in the subfloor and deal with bumps. It is resistant to heels, legs of furniture and water and will not deform under the influence of temperature fluctuations.

LayRed® is also acoustically interesting. Thanks to a running noise of barely 21 dB, it is the most silent floor in the segment of rigid floors.

The Awards jury:

Philip Van Bost
Van Bost Etalages, entrepreneur, decorator, lecturer decoration and specialist visual marketing

Michel Minne
Designer, Interior designer

Shari De Gent
Young online entrepreneur

Niek De Prest
Trend analyst, Intirio trend coach

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