The hunt for something new, an opportunity for the interior sector

The consumer is hungry. His hunger for everything that is new and sensational is insatiable. New interiors are top of this list. Travel destinations are dictated by it, restaurants and hotels with a new and sensational interior get swamped but are just as quickly replaced by the next hype.

In the world of hospitality, this leads to continuous investments in the interior. Time after time, these must offer the demanding consumer the latest things that are on the market. Not only in the big cities, but more and more often also in the popular secondary towns and even in rural areas. The major driving force behind this is of course the internet, with platforms such as Airbnb,, and, which present a multitude of wonderful interiors. But most of all: they try to seduce the customer by means of the newest of the new. To use a trendy expression, you could state the customer is suffering from ‘FOMO’, Fear of Missing Out, and will precisely for this reason always choose the newest of the new.

All in all, this is more than reason enough to keep a watchful eye on the latest interior trends. At Intirio, you can come and spot these to your heart’s content.

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