Flanders Expo

By car

Flanders Expo is easily accessible by car and is located right at the exit 14 of the E40 motorway between Brussels and Ostend.


Flanders Expo has a large visitor parking. In the plan, the parking lot indicated in yellow. Through a pedestrian tunnel you can get safely to the exhibition halls.

For those with limited mobility Flanders Expo has separate parking spaces. That parking can be found on the plan in the green colored zone back.

For more details about parking, please go to the Flanders Expo website!

Flanders Expo

Maaltekouter 1
9051 Gent

Public transport

Are you travelling from Liège, Luxembourg or the Netherlands? There is no trade fair so well served by public transport as Intirio. From Sint-Pieters Station in Ghent, tram 1 brings you to the entrance of Flanders Expo.

The tram departs every 7.5 minutes on weekdays, every 12 minutes on Sundays. You can buy a ticket from a vending machine at every stop or you can buy an sms ticket: text DL to 4884. You receive a reply within seconds. This message serves as your ticket.

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