Practical information

Opening hours edition 2020

Sunday 26 January: 10 am> 6 pm
Monday 27 January: 10 am > 6 pm
Tuesday 28 January: 10 am > 6 pm


Flanders Expo
Maaltekouter 1
9051 Ghent

Parking / Public transport

Click here for the route description or have a look at the video before visiting Flanders Expo.

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Diego Fortunato

Design x art one-stop shop

Visit Salon iide, the International Interior Design Exhibition from 10-15 September in Brussels’ Hotel de la Poste.

Forbo Flooring at MHKA

Flooring art? Art floor?

Throwback to 2012 when the Antwerp Museum for Contemporary Art was taken over by the world-famous New York artists Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner in collaboration with Forbo Flooring Systems.

100 jaar Bauhaus

100 years of Bauhaus, or was it Frauhaus?

Art influences interior design and vice versa. And that brings us to 100 years of Bauhaus. The movement not only elated art and technology but consequently also architecture, lighting, ceramics, textile patterns, …

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